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FIFA 10, which is also known as FIFA Soccer 10, was released in late 2009 as the 17th entry of Electronic Arts' FIFA series of soccer video games. In addition to Microsoft Windows-based PCs, the game is available for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. EA also released it as a handheld game for the iOS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, and mobile phones. With FIFA 09 representing the pinnacle of the series' renaissance at the time, there were high expectations for FIFA 10 to continue its ascendancy.


Although FIFA 10 largely sticks to the "if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it" philosophy, there are some notable enhancements. A slightly upgraded AI system means that the players are more intelligent and the goalkeepers are faster than the earlier installments. But perhaps the most notable addition to the game is 360 degree control. This means that the players are no longer restricted to moving in just eight directions. Gamers can move the players in whatever direction you choose. The result is greater control and flexibility in movement, as well as more creativity in passing and scoring.

Also introduced with FIFA 10 is the "Custom Set Piece" mode. This permits gamers to design and practice special plays, such as free kicks and corners, in a field. This feature better prepares gamers for such situations in a live game.

Gamers are not just limited to the hundreds of real-life professional players, some of which are the best in the world. Players can create their own ideal soccer player using "Virtual Pro" feature. That way, the gamer can coach and groom a created player to international superstar status.

The developers have retouched the graphics from FIFA 09. The dribbling and the player movements and expressions are more realistic than ever before.


Multiple technical glitches mar FIFA 10. For example, the ball sometimes disappears during gameplay. Over 60 bugs affect Manager Mode alone. Another drawback is the limited representation in the game's international roster and set-up. For instance, some of the best teams at the time are missing, and there is no FIFA World Cup or an equivalent tournament for international match-ups.

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